Who We Are

Who We Are

Lutheran Care Center Corporation is a non-profit organization providing services to the aged, in addition to our newly expanded child care services. In 2019 our Lutheran Care Center was certified as a five-star skilled care facility. On the campus of Lutheran Care Center Corporation is

Lutheran Care Center

Skilled Nursing Facility

Luther Terrace

Senior Apartments

Luther Villas

Independent Housing

Lutheran Care Center

Kids Enrichment Center

Supporters & Owners

Twenty-one Lutheran churches own and support Lutheran Care Center. There is a Board of Directors that is formed by members of the 21 congregations to conduct and oversee the business and affairs of the corporation. The Board consists of two directors per each Lutheran congregation as well as the pastor from each church. An executive committee is

chosen from these elected members. On the executive committee is a nominated President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and five executive directors. The executive committee meets monthly, the full board meets quarterly and the member congregations meet annually. The current board members are: