For nearly 40 years, Lutheran Care Center has been blessed financially by many generous supporters. It is with the assistance of these faithful supporters that Lutheran Care Center has been able to enhance the lives of the residents as well as our mission and ministry.

There are a variety of opportunities available to give the to Lutheran Care Center, including: memorials, contributions, a will, life insurance, retirement plans, life estate trusts, and gift annuities.

2020 Care Campaign

This year we are hosting a special giving campaign to benefit the residents of Lutheran Care Center due to the cancellation of our annual dinner/auction.  It is our greatest hope to have monetary donations made towards items/equipment needed for & by our residents.  If you planned on making donations or attending our annual dinner/auction, we ask that you please consider donating that amount of money to our 2020 Care Campaign.  We ask that you stay engaged & help share in future of Lutheran Care Center.  We cannot continue our mission without you!  We have compiled some much needed items of our residents:

                  • Portable Oxygen Machines                               $3,000
                  • Reclining/High Back Wheelchairs                  $500
                  • Wheelchair Cushions                                         $90
                  • Circulation Air Mattress                                    $1,500
                  • Vital Signs Machines w/ Stand                        $1,000
                  • Monthly Aviary Service                                     $100
                  • Floor Buffer                                                         $1,500
                  • Electric Resident Bed                                        $1,800
                  • Resident Entertainment                                   $100
                  • Resident Communication                                $100

Lutheran Care Center is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Therefore, your donation is 100% tax deductible, donations can be mailed to: Lutheran Care Center 702 W. Cumberland Rd. Altamont, IL 62411.  We thank you for helping grow our mission!

Tree of Life

In the lobby of Lutheran Care Center is a beautiful bronze-cast tree surrounded by leaves and stones. The leaves and stones are dedication plaques that reflect the remembrances and donations made by family members, friends, organizations and other groups. Each leaf or stone is engraved according to your request.

Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars

The Thrivent Choice Program Lutheran Care Center is eligible to have its donations supplemented by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. The Thrivent Choice program is a one-of-a-kind member-direct granting program that enables you to make your contribution go the extra mile. There is no minimum gift required.

Don’t forget to direct Choice Dollars®Help support Lutheran Care Center. Go to to learn more. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt.

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