Frequently Asked Questions About the LCC

  • What sources of payment does each entity accept?
      Lutheran Care Center Skilled Care Facility
        Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicaid, Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurances and Hospice. To discuss availability and rates in skilled care, please contact our Social Service Director at 618-483-6136.
      Luther Terrace
        Private Pay
      Luther Villas
        Private Pay Endowment Plans or Lease Agreements
        To discuss availability and rates for Luther Terrace and Luther Villas, please contact the Director of Residential Housing at 618-483-6136.
      Lutheran Care Center Kids Enrichment Center
        Private Pay and Project Child
        To discuss availability and rates for LCC Kids, please contact our Child Care Director at 618-483-6136.

  • What Doctors visit at Lutheran Care Center and how often does a resident need to be seen?
      Dr. John Opilka, Medical Director
      Dr. Robert Frost
      Dr. Tina Rozene
      Dr. Sean Flynn
      Dr. John Merkel
      Dr. Thomas Heischmidt

      When a person is admitted to the skilled nursing facility they must be seen every 30 days for the first three months then every 60 days thereafter.

      • What items are needed for the admission interview to Lutheran Care Center?
      Social Security Card
      Medicare Card
      Insurance Card - Medicare Supplement, Long Term Care, Medicaid Card
      Picture ID
      Power of Attorney - Health Care and Property, if applicable
      Living Will, if applicable

  • What personal items does a resident need when being admitted to the skilled nursing facility?
      5 -7 changes of clothes
      Pair of non-skid soled shoes
      Slippers with non-skid soles or slipper socks
      Toiletry Items
        Ladies: hair brush, toothbrush & paste, Kleenex, make-up, deodorant, lotion
        Men: hair brush, toothbrush & paste, Kleenex, electric razor, deodorant, lotion

      Laundry services are included. Our Laundry department will mark and inventory all clothing when brought in.

  • What other in-house services are provided?
      Medications by Altamont Pharmacy
      Medical Visits by Dr. John Opilka, Medical Director, if needed
      Podiatry Visits by Dr. Laura Kosivzoff, if needed
      Dental Visits by Dr. Christopher Sehy, if needed
      Laboratory Services by Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Care Center
      Portable X-ray by BioTech X-Ray Inc.

  • What are the visiting hours at Lutheran Care Center?
      We welcome and encourage visitors anytime.

  • Do you have to be Lutheran to be a resident of Lutheran Care Center?
      No, Lutheran Care Center welcomes persons of all faiths.

  • How does a person arrange outpatient therapy services?
      If a referral is made by your physician and you would like to receive your therapy services at Lutheran Care Center, please contact our physical therapy department at 618-483-6136 to set up an appointment.

  • Can visitors eat meals with the residents?
      Yes, it is helpful to have a notice a head of time to be able to accommodate our guests.

  • How do I learn more?
      You can learn more about Lutheran Care Center in a variety of helpful ways: a phone call at 618-483-6136, we can send you information in the mail or email, set up a tour of the facility, etc.
      We look forward to meeting you.