About the Lutheran Care Center

Lutheran Care Center Corporation is a Continuum of Care Retirement Community (C.C.R.C) providing three levels of care to the elderly. In addition to providing services to the aged, our horizon has expanded to include child care. On the campus of Lutheran Care Center Corporation is

  • Lutheran Care Center Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Luther Terrace Senior Apartments
  • Luther Villa Independent Housing
  • Lutheran Care Center Kids
Twenty-one Lutheran churches own and support Lutheran Care Center. There is a Board of Directors that is formed by members of the 21 congregations to conduct and oversee the business and affairs of the corporation. The Board consists of two directors per each Lutheran congregation as well as the pastor from each church. An executive committee is chosen from these elected members. On the executive committee is a nominated President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and five executive directors. The executive committee meets monthly, the full board meets quarterly and the member congregations meet annually. The current board members are:

Board of Directors
President - Sue Jacob
Vice-President - Randy Wolf
Treasurer - Kevin Miller
Secretary - Melody Norman

Executive Committee
Joann Garbe
Mearl Hammer
Wilbert Schaefer
Cleo McManaway
John Beldon
Doug Heiden

Pastoral Advisor - Pastor Jason Rensner

Medical Director - Dr. John Opilka

Faith Lutheran Church, Shumway
Pastor Jason Rensner
Sue Jacobs
Nancy Wolf
Grace Lutheran Church, Dieterich
Pastor Jason Rensner
Joann Garbe
Jane Westjohn
Grace Lutheran Church, Strasburg
Pastor Michael Mohr
Dale Stremming
Kurt Stremming
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Vandalia
Pastor Peter Kolb
Doug Klein
George Meseke
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Shelbyville
Pastor E. Wade Helmkamp
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Altamont
Pastor James Wright
Kathy Corder
Randy Wolf
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Augsburg
Pastor Joshua Frazee
Bob Williams
JoAnne Givens
St. James Lutheran Church, Vandalia
Pastor Krista Stoke
St. John's Lutheran Church, Dieterich
Pastor Stephen Gillet
Norma Wohltman
Carol Jean Campbell
St. John's Lutheran Church, Effingham
Pastor Theodore Gall
Wilbert Schaefer
Fred Bray
St. John's Lutheran Church, Louisville
Pastor Ryan Eden
Cleo McManaway
Cathy Budde
St. John's Lutheran Church, Shelbyville
Pastor John Schmelling
Bob Allen
Janelle Allen
St. Paul ELCA Lutheran Church, Altamont
Pastor Chris Hale
Pat Tappendorf
Dennis Bales
St. Paul Blue Point Lutheran Church, Altamont
Pastor David Speers
Linda Schmidt
Todd Wacthel
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Shelbyville
Carol Walden
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Strasburg
Pastor Steven Becker
Lisa Rinker
Otto Rincker
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Wheeler
Pastor Stephen Gillet
Dennis Blievernicht
Kevin Miller
St. Peter Lutheran Church, St. Peter
Pastor William Emrick
Melody Norman
Twila Magnus
Trinity Lutheran Church, Shumway
Pastor Chris Hale
Doug Heiden
Sandy Heiden
Trinity Lutheran Church, Stewardson
Pastor David Weaver
John Beldon
Sharon Beldon
Zion Lutheran Church, Altamont
Pastor Clayton Vail
Dean Biggs
Marvin Suckow

Lutheran Care Center is a proud member of the Altamont Chamber of Commerce.